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The Manufacturer, Exporter as well as Supplier of various fragrances worldwide. We established in the year 1999, in an aromatic city KANNAUJ, (U.P), with the aim of enhancing the ancient techniques of making the aromatic fragrances, perfumes, attars, essential oils etc. and anticipating them in our daily livelihood for bringing the aromatic feel and creating the aura around. Our main aim is not only giving the best perfumeries, fragrances but also helping the Ayurveda in order to build a healthy lifestyle…

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“Dream big and fly up in the sky”

Message from our Esteemed Founder

With the aim of the same he started this firm in the year 1999, with the goal of establishing the ancient rituals and techniques alive and used in it in the best possible way and also make sure that Kannauj should became the largest hub of perfumes and fragrances.

– Late Mr. Sanjay Mehrotra

Message from Our Co-Founders

Mr. Sumit Mehrotra

As a Co- Founder of the firm, our aim to achieve success by creating and marketing high quality fragrances that appeal to a wide audience.

As we aim to become a most successful firm in the fragrances industry, we always maintain a healthy and strong relationship with our customers, distributors as well as other suppliers.

Our Team and workers are the cord of the firm as we all know ” SUCCESS COMES WITH A TEAM WORK “

– Mr. Sumit Mehrotra & Abhishek Mehrotra

Mr. Abhishek Mehrotra


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